Welcome to TEC Environmental Labs
It's not just the incredible variety and scope of services and analyses that sets TEC Environmental Laboratories apart from its peers.  Nor is it the TEC Labs complete client confidentiality and strict conformance with all analytical standards set by City, State and Federal regulating agencies.

Its YOU that makes the real difference at TEC Environmental Laboratories.  Because you are the customer.  And our first and only job is to ensure that every analysis ... every deadline required ... every report you need is taken care of without your have to worry about it!

It's called CUSTOMER SERVICE and it's the clear difference that sets TEC Environmental Laboratories apart from all other labs.

Our team of professional assist with scheduling and Discharge Monitoring Reports to ensure you know what is required, as well as the key dates specified by your permits.  And, our field personnel are always on hand to make site visits and sampling as required.

Analytical results and reports are delivered the way you want them ... electronically ... by fax .. or hard copies delivered by U.S. Mail.

Isn't that the kind of lab you've been looking for? We're ready to help you.  Give us a call - 1-800-TEC-1808.